Leah Pierard


Hello my name is Leah. I have had my cosmetology license for over thirty years. I went to cosmetology school thinking it would be fun and it has been! I have met my very best and dearest friends through doing their hair. I have learned so much more than just hairstyles and color. I have learned much about life from my hair clients. One lesson that they have taught me is the resilience and love of life for one another through life’s ups and downs. That inspires me.

Some facts about me:
• I think George Clooney is sooooooooooooo handsome!
• I love dark chocolate (but not as near as much as George Clooney).
• I love to laugh!
• I just saw the Three Dog Night in concert! FABULOUS!

I have an appointment time just for you!

Matrix Color

Coloring, Perming, Styling, Cutting, Full Family
• Haircut
• Blow Dry
• Curling Iron
• Color Services
• Permanents
• (No Roller Sets)

Get your hair done (men, women, children and occasionally dogs…just kidding about the dogs) and let’s become friends!