Butch Bellew


The perfect haircut is the foundation to every stylish person’s look. From there color sets the sparks flying!

As a hair stylist, I get to use my background as a College math major and a furniture builder to create a base that brings your features into their best light; use the play of light and dark to play with your hairs unique texture whether it is from curls, waves or curtains of straight weight, and just like working with various types of wood, color placement and techniques enriches your looks just like the right mix of period pieces and wood brings to furniture.

Staying educated on the latest fashion trends and the chemistry behind the styling products is essential in creating the season’s trends in hair. During my career, I have been fortunate to attend Vidal Sassoon’s Academy in London where I was taught precession cutting which allows a stylist to cut a design into the hair where just a shake of the head sends the hair flying back into its exact placement. I also trained under Paul Mitchell, who created one of the most famous cuts in hair history, the wedge. Pivot Point Academy gave me the skills -Thought…idea…vision. It all begins in the mind. Whether creating a hair design, sculpture, painting or company, nothing happens until someone thinks of it. Then and only then is the hair design created. Throughout my career I have traveled the globe as a Platform Artist and Judge for the AMBBA’s National Educators and Demonstrators, and a participant in the Mayfair Academy in London for advanced studies in Hair Design and Color, sponsored by Goldwell, USA.

From being a student, I learned that I loved teaching and became an Educator and Platform artist, later a trainer for a salon chain, and a color specialist trainer for Goldwell USA. Meeting my wife when she was traveling the country for Goldwell has been one of my biggest accomplishments.


• Master Colorist and Hairstylist for 44 yrs.
• Educator and Platform Artist for Goldwell USA (1996-2006)
• Voted Hairstylist of the Year 3 times by the Associated Master Barbers & Beauticians of America.
• National Director of the Educators and Demonstrators Assoc.
• Winner of 38 hairstyling competitions including National Champion in Women’s Free flow and the Texas State Championship in both Men’s and Women’s Free Style 3 years in a row.

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